What you get.




“The pace was insane”

Kam Lal, Founder of Notetracks

It’s not for everyone.

You’ll love it if

  • You want full immersion in the design process.
  • You’re prepared to work your ass off for a week.
  • You’re obsessed by what you do.

You’ll hate it if

  • You’re too busy to get involved every day.
  • You’re afraid of moving fast and changing direction.
  • You want to call all the shots.

“A 6 month leap in a week”

Kesang Ball, Co-founder of Trippin

UX Design

Prototype every hour.

Branding and UI Design

Design by feeling.

“It was all vibes”

Yasmin Shahmir, Co-founder of Trippin

Enough talking, just see for yourself.

Turning urban exploration into a game.

Mobile app Lifestyle

Making analog production mobile.

Mobile App Music